Spiritual Direction & Soul Tending

Spiritual Direction is a transpersonal-based, body-centered and trauma-integrated program addressing spiritual emergence with spiritual inquiry that integrates a focus on our evolving journey for purpose and meaning making.

There is support for each individuals’ unique path to health and wellness. While embracing the spiritual dimension as central to personal growth, consciousness evolution and healing, this work is not limited to any specific wisdom tradition. Support is given to time-honored spiritual paths as well as new and emerging ones. Kate Appleton draws from her history as an Episcopalian out of the Christian tradition along with her journey through various spiritual evolutions that include but not limited to; Karmic Astrology, Mystic teachings from the Abrahamic traditions (Jewdism, Islam, Christian), from Buddhist teachings, Shamanism, Ceremonial Ritual and Family Constellations, mindfulness based therapies with Breathwork, Visualizations and Imagery, and the use of Regression and Trance work for healing, Embodied Presence and Thomas Hubl’s integration of the “Wisdom of the Inner World with the Knowledge of the Outer World”. This integrates deep mystical practices with effective transformative tools, rewiring the body and emotional system to create a sustainable space for mystical consciousness.

This is the journey into the deeper places of Sacred Knowing. I offer an Eldering, or Spiritual Mentorship, often called Spiritual Direction for the seeker to feel “met” by one who holds the sacred space for Wisdom Stories to unfold. This is a place for discovering Connections with God and Connections with the deeper sense of our true nature. We explore Purpose, Life’s Meaning and our relationship to the Soul that travels across time in this body.

I pull from the teachings of Henri J. M. Nouwen, William Barry & William Connolly, From David Brenner & Larry Crabb, Richard Rohr, and Thomas Hubl. I have studied with Caroline Myss, Tara Brach and Karmic Astrologer Linda Brady. All Faiths are welcome here, as we sit in the sacred space of compassionate listening.

I have found a rich and renewed sense of what resilience means and the connections have developed in me a greater understanding of being a sacred human, a Spirit or Soul living into form, housed as it were, in the cellular consciousness of a body. This unique integration of form and energy deserves to be experienced in an integrated way, not separated into Mind over Matter and divorcing thoughts from somatic sensation. I wish for my clients to find the deep experience of the sacredness found within connections; one to another and of Self to God.

I want to work with people who are curious about life and want to integrate Spirituality with a deeper embodied experience of being human. It is hard to use that word as it so often brings Religion to mind instead of a unique sacred experience of “connection”.

I have begun to expand my own curiosity about Spirituality. I think it’s deeply personal for folks and that it supports our own deepening journey of knowing the Self and knowing our connection to all souls over time. When people are feeling lost or confused about themselves or their life, I often find that what is missing is a connection… to Self and something bigger that unites and connects us. When we invite a curiosity about what is sacred, what is holy and of deeper value, then that exploration leads us to the mysteries of life, both those which are personal and those which are corporate or cultural. I have a passion for inviting such a journey to those I work with. It doesn’t take long before I’m inviting this type of inquiry, welcoming new possibilities to arrive with clients. It’s normally not what they are looking for yet often becomes what they identify as transformational in their work with me.

Video on: Healing Trauma and Spiritual Growth: Peter Levine & Thomas Huebl

“Sometimes everything has to be inscribed across the heavens so you can find the one line already written inside you.” — David Whyte