Karmic Astrology Topics Covered in Sessions

  • Birth Chart Assessment and Comparative Family Resourcing
  • Archetypal use of cultural narratives, genograms, past life exploration

Astrology was used heavily by Carl Jung in modern day psychological theories and is one of those beautiful languages, because it explains our lives on emotional, spiritual, intellectual, physical and relational levels. For centuries, Astrology has provided many with a melodically symbolic language intertwining both the conscious (body) and unconscious (mind and spirit) segments of our being. It was the “science of the day” and followed by educated cultures as they created understanding of the world around them. It also pointed the way for many spiritual events.

According to Linda Brady, the point of embarkation to the Aquarian Age is the process of taking responsibility for the condition of our lives. Carl Jung, the modern-day father of astrology, best explained this responsibility when he said, “behaviors we repress the most within ourselves, will manifest outside ourselves as chaos and conflict.” To understand our lives, it is critical for us to connect to and interpret, why some unpleasant, even horrific, “external events” resonate so strongly within us. For it is those “seemingly disconnected” and unanticipated emotional reactions that awaken our personality to “hear” our souls speak to us. The question is: Will we be open-minded enough, and understand our soul’s symbolic language well enough, to heed those messages?

Linda Brady’s book, “Discovering Your Soul Mission, New Rules for a New Age” is a wonderful resource for Karmic Astrology

“In my forty years of teaching interns in my approach to karmic astrology using Carl Jung’s philosophic foundation, I rarely found a student with such an integrated knowledge of Jungian psychology and spirituality. Then I found Kate Appleton. She not only had the knowledge and experience as a psychotherapist, she was open to expanding her horizons to learn what I had to teach. She has been a dedicated student throughout our twelve- year history. She uses karmic astrology as a precious tool in her ever- expanding tool box to assist her clients in becoming aware of their mind, body and soul.
It is said that students teach their teachers more than the teachers can ever share with their students. That is certainly true of our relationship. She has become my friend and colleague as well as my student. We have collaborated on many clients using our specialized skills in enhancing our clients’ progress.”

– Linda Brady, M.S – Co-founder of Partners for Karmic Freedom, Inc.