Group or Individual Supervision
Supporting Integrative Approaches to Therapy

  • Are you new to integrating Somatic principles and need help applying these within the context of your own style of counseling/coaching?
  • Are you a seasoned therapist but feeling stuck or lost in your work needing to be recharged with innovative techniques?
  • Do you ever feel overwhelmed or triggered by the complexities of working with highly charged emotions or conflict in the therapeutic setting?
  • Could you benefit from support and encouragement in revitalizing your tool kit, confidence and creative process as you take on challenging cases?

On-going group or Individual Supervision Sessions address many of the following issues:

  • Review clinical skills from the Somatic Body Based Models: SE and Sensorimotor, TEB, SSP, Polyvagal theory
  • Integrate greater understanding of Parts work from IFS and Janina Fisher
  • Expand your tools for the creative process by integrating playful exercises to illustrate a client’s experiential learning.
  • Expand your own window of tolerance and regulate your own nervous system as you work with the complex cases of highly charged clients. Deepen your practice of the Wakeful Witness and Sensory Attunement or Co-Regulation
  • Learn and understand how your own attachment style may be activated in your clinical work. How to dance with the projections, transference and “coupled” material
    Learn how to maintain boundaries while you use your relationship with clients as part of the therapeutic healing process
    Undo the aloneness and isolation of private practice and challenging work: receive support and encouragement in your own growth as a therapist.


  • Format: Video presentation, case stories and discussion
  • Cost: $200 per individual session and $150 for group sessions
  • When: Group Meets Once a month on Friday and Individual by appointment
  • Number of Participants in Group: 4-5
  • Contact me for more information

Collaborative Case-Management Consulting

Kate provides support for families and Agency cases needing a multidisciplinary team approach for supporting the child. These kinds of consultations are often included in case management. Communication is frequent and ongoing with various community groups such as:

  • School Admin/Guidance
  • Foster Care Prevention Services
  • Department of Social Services
  • Family Law Advocates, Attorneys and CASA
  • Medical Physicians, PCP & Pediatrician, Psychiatrist
  • OT/PT, Chiropractors, Neuro-feedback, Acupuncturist, Bodyworker
  • Educational Assessment practitioners and Psychologist
  • Equine Therapy

Collaborative Case Retreat

When a therapist, coach or healer refers a client to me for a retreat, we enter into a collaborative process. This provides the referring source access to expanding resources for their client. It links the client back to them for ongoing support. This shared arrangement provides best practice solutions for many clients.

Collaborative Retreat Details