Supervision and Psychoeducational Support for Clinicians, Coaches, Healers.

Case Review, Supervision Support, Individual Mentorship

Undo the aloneness and isolation of private practice and challenging work: receive support and encouragement in your own growth as a therapist. I am known most for the ways that I integrate various methods and modalities. I pull from over 10 models and methods (see models and methods below).

There are many ways that I offer support.

  • Purchase a series of Coaching sessions for Mentorship
  • Purchase group or individual Case Supervision: view supervision options
  • For SEP providers only; Purchase a group package for experiencing SSP. Explore this sound modality within a small group of 4 colleagues in this series of 12 sessions. Each session is enriched with creative focus during the listening.
  • SEP case consultation for those working with SSP sound program; group or individual sessions: view supervision options. (view SSP)
  • Purchase on-going weekly support
  • Practitioners Intensive Deep Dive Retreat: this covers integration of various methods for the individual practitioner (view Deep Dive Retreat details)
  • SSP Retreats for the SEP practitioner (view SSP retreat)

What do we cover in these kinds of Supportive Sessions?

  • Review clinical skills from the Somatic Body Based Models: SE and Sensorimotor, TEB, SSP, Polyvagal theory
  • Integrate greater understanding of Parts work from IFS and Janina Fisher
  • Expand your tools for the creative process by integrating playful exercises to illustrate a client’s experiential learning.
  • Expand your own window of tolerance and regulate your own nervous system as you work with the complex cases of highly charged clients. Deepen
    your practice of the Wakeful Witness and Sensory Attunement or Co-Regulation
  • Learn and understand how your own attachment style may be activated in your clinical work. How to dance with the projections, transference and “coupled” material
  • Learn how to maintain boundaries while you use your relationship with clients as part of the therapeutic healing process

Explore Methods & Modalities

My practice is known for Integrating Creative Expressive Therapies in a way that supports a triad focus on: “feeling emotions, reasoning thinking and physical sensing (interoception). Click the links below to learn more about methods and modalities integrated into my work.

Practitioners Deep Dive Intensive

We have been trained to work with what the client brings. This is NOT all that I work with. I work with the subtle material of the unified field. They don’t know that, but being a master, I do, and I hold that for them until they are ready to see, feel, act on and be witness to… this field. How I hold them in the room is quantifiably different. How I see them, how I see the room, and how I challenge them is based on bringing them toward this place of knowing and being known by their witness. My Supervision and Mentorship invites you to explore this experience and expand your own relationship with the unified field of awareness. See how this can awaken your own capacity to be with more of what is available in the room with clients.

View Practitioners Deep Dive Intensive Details

Educational Training & Lectures

I can provide community training workshops and lectures, please contact me for more information.

Topics most often requested are below:

  • Developmental Trauma; How our Biography becomes our Biology
  • Trauma Informed Care and the ACE Study
  • Nervous System Regulation for Adults: Integrating Body, Mind, Spirit
  • Attachment and Attunement for Couples
  • The Use of Expressive Arts in Clinical Assessment
  • Somatic Experiencing Approach To Event Trauma
  • Clinical Use of the Sand Tray
  • Parent Alienation and The Legal System

Application to Work Together

Those wishing to do their own deep dive into Intensive direct work with Kate, are welcome to submit an application. This process is by application only and needs approval. Kate enjoys working with people who have already explored interpersonal process work. If you have a foundation in the theory or concepts associated with somatic healing or trauma informed care, feel free to inquire about deepening interpersonal explorations.