Polyvagal Theory

Dr. Stephen Porges:
What is the Polyvagal Theory (and how this governs the regulation of safety)
Dr. Stephen Porges explains Polyvagal Theory in his interview with PsychAlive.org.

Deb Dana: Befriending Your Nervous System
Befriending Your Nervous System with Deb Dana
Tami Simon host of Insights at the edge from Sounds True interviews Deb Dana on the theory.

Out of Stephen Porges’s brilliant work developing Polyvagal Theory, a world-wide community of Polyvagal-informed people and systems is developing as we better understand the power of the autonomic nervous system to guide our movements and shape our stories.

“Polyvagal Theory…the science of feeling safe enough to fall in love with life and take the risks of living…” – Deb Dana

An autonomic nervous system that co-regulates and self-regulates with ease creates the possibility for clients to move out of their past need for protection and embody a system that finds joy in connection. Polyvagal-informed therapy honors the role of the autonomic nervous system in shaping our physiological experiences and psychological stories and offers strategies to engage the rhythm of regulation in fostering change. (Deb Dana https://www.rhythmofregulation.com/Polyvagal-Resources.php )