Clinical Consulting & Mentorship

I offer consultation services in the form of mentorship, trainings, group or individual supervision, and case consultations. As a Virginia state approved Supervisor and Master Therapist, I can mentor you as you learn to expand your tool kit and build your confidence as you take on challenging cases.

Training & Consultations
Integrative Mentorship

Influences On My Work

  • Brene Brown: On Imperfection, Belonging, Shame
  • Toko-Pa Turner: Belonging and Dreaming
  • Thomas Hubl: integrating mysticism and science; embodied presence
  • Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen: Cellular Consciousness and Movement
  • Stephen Porges: The PolyVagal Theory and Safe Sound Protocol
  • Peter Levine: Somatic Experiencing
  • Linda Brady: Karmic Astrology
  • Carl Jung: Awakening the unconscious
  • Embodied Recovery for Eating Disorders: Paula Scatoloni and Rachel Lewis developed Somatic, Attachment based training for eating disorders
  • Richard Swartz: IFS: Internal Family Systems Theory, use of internal parts
  • Gabor Mate: Attachment and Authenticity: to understand addiction
  • Richard Rohr: Modern Day Mystic and Franciscan who founded the Center for Action and Contemplation
  • Henri Nouwen: Priest and author who called for both radical forgiveness and disciplined accountability.
  • Deb Dana: Polyvagal Theory and Integrated Listening Systems sound healing
  • Stephen J. Terrell: Transforming the Experienced-Based Brain, Develop. Trauma integrating Transforming Touch for repairing early ruptures in attachment
  • Kathy Kain: Specializing in Somatic Resiliency and Regulation
  • Janina Fisher: Specializing in Dissociative and Fragmented Parts
  • Diane Poole Heller: Attachment and Relationships
  • Sue Johnson: Attachment based “Emotionally Focused Therapy” for couples
  • Bruce Perry: Dr. Perry is a researcher, professor and the director of Neurosequential Network, Senior Fellow of The ChildTrauma Academy and the developer of the Neurosequential Model.
  • Dan Siegel: Prof. of psychiatry and developer of Mindsight an Interpersonal Neurobiology approach to relationships, mind and brain functioning
  • Bessel van der Kotk: psychiatrist, author, researcher PTSD and healing