Case Referrals Retreats

Collaboration with other clinicians

When a therapist, coach or healer refers a client to me for a retreat, we enter into a collaborative process. This provides the referring source access to expanding resources for their client. It links the client back to them for ongoing support. This shared arrangement provides best practice solutions for many clients.

“I have been so pleased to collaborate with Kate! I referred my client to her several months ago for an intensive therapeutic retreat, and the results have been astounding! I especially appreciate Kate’s thorough and professional assessment and treatment planning process, and her willingness to coordinate and communicate all aspects of follow up therapeutic care.

Kate provided a detailed case report after the retreat which was so helpful in processing with my client upon her follow up treatment with me. My client has been very excited to receive this specialized care, while maintaining her therapy with me, especially knowing we maintain a collaborative relationship. Kate is creative, compassionate, and competent on so many levels, and as a therapist I have so appreciated her expertise and ability to provide this specialized treatment for my client, while collaborating and honoring the ongoing therapeutic process my client has with me. I look forward to referring future clients to her!”

— Sarah Massie, Therapist