Supervision and Psychoeducational Support for Clinicians, Coaches, Healers

Case Reviews and Consultations for Coaches, Therapists, Healers:
The willingness to be with vulnerability, either ours or another’s, brings us close to our edges. When we dance with the projected or repressed or exiled parts of ourselves, and when we come face to face with what is mirrored back to us, we take the vulnerability and transform it into sacred intimacy.

How we create boundaries, yet vulnerable opportunities, supports a greater awareness of “edge sitting”.
What skills and strategies are needed to develop “edge sitting”?
What does it look like to say and mean,… “I am here next to you? Dip your toe in and I’ll go with you.”

Mastery involves knowing when to go with them and when to hold the container and urge them on by themselves.

I am living and working in the midst of the flow,… I feel the dance between the elements of inquiry, observance, pausing, tracking, and listening. I am integrating the body’s language with the mind’s story-making, with the emotions that surface or appear hidden or stuck, along with the images they share, or the movement that shows up. The dance is always present. The shift from image to story to sensation to emotion to posture or language.

What happens in this movement? What happens while I am in the dance? I feel the ease of flow moving from these elements and it comes with practice. … and with presence.

Resources for Integration and Educational Skill Building for Clinicians

  • Following Diane Poole Heller’s Attachment Healing
  • Utilizing Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen’s Early Developmental Movements
  • Following Embodied Recovery’s structure for early cycles for nourishment
  • Utilizing Pat Ogden’s Sensorimotor Interventions for Trauma and Attachment
  • Playful use of internal “parts” of the Self
  • Utilizing the work of Robert Schwartz (IFS) and
  • Janina Fisher (Healing Fragmented Selves)
  • Utilizing Carl Jung’s dive into the inner landscape of roles and personalities
  • Playful work with fairy tales, astrology, myth, Re-mothering the Inner-Child,
  • Shadow Work and Finding the Hero’s Journey
  • The traditions of Jung invite an awareness of the experiential world. They provide a foundation for the Wisdom Traditions, religions, myths, and cultural folklore.
  • Learn more: Archetypal Psychology
  • Genograms, Pattern Mapping, Ritual for Releasing Ancestral Patterns
  • Transforming Past Archetypal Beings into Benign Allies and Powerful Guides

Expand your experience of Mastery

We have been trained to work with what the client brings. This is NOT all that I work with. I work with the subtle material of the unified field. They don’t know that, but being a master, I do, and I hold that for them until they are ready to see, feel, act on and be witness to… this field. How I hold them in the room is quantifiably different. How I see them, how I see the room, and how I challenge them is based on bringing them toward this place of knowing and being known by their witness. My Supervision and Mentorship invites you to explore this experience and expand your own relationship with the unified field of awareness. See how this can awaken your own capacity to be with more of what is available in the room with clients.

Also, as a Master… I hold authentic compassion for my clients. This is shared in a safe space that allows for connection/attachment without judgement and with clear expectations of what our roles and boundaries are. My clients really know and feel this. Even the 8 year old’s and the 74-year-olds. What does this look like? It is a connection where they are not just witnessed and held but mirrored and supported with permission to explore the relationship of what arrives in the room between us. I share their process space. I am here and willing to share myself, be used as the mirror. Then during reflection time, we unpack the dynamics and give permission for the arrival of something new. This connection builds on the relational field, encourages embodiment, creates the dance of awareness and the arrival of the “Wakeful Witness”.

Retreat Testimonial

My weekend intensive with Kate was more than I could have ever imagined! It is challenging to put it all into words.

Safety was established first and foremost and continually during our time together. This helped me to breathe deeper and relax into our time ahead. We set an intention for the weekend and quickly left that intention behind in order to be open to what may come out of our moments together. A weekend of sand tray, expressive arts, somatic experiencing, and reflection opened up my mind, my body, and my heart to things that I had long forgotten and/or tucked away. In three days I was able to uncover and explore more than I have been able to do with past counselors in a year. Kate’s integrated approaches engaged my mind, body, and spirit, helping me to uncover patterns and blocks that have been holding me back for decades. I could have never stepped into these parts of myself without feeling safe and knowing I was in the lead. Kate did a great job letting me lead the way to my own healing.

Kate is an incredible guide and her wisdom is palpable. She encouraged me to be open and curious throughout our weekend together. Little did I know, this openness and curiosity would lead me to feeling whole, alive, and connected — to myself, others, and nature. I left the weekend feeling like a brand new person. I was reborn, seeing the world with new eyes.

My follow-up session allowed me to let the weekend settle in my mind and in my body, in order to fully integrate my takeaways into life. I will forever hold this experience in my heart as a defining moment for my life. I am truly grateful for this experience!

– Karena H., Ph.D., LPC, ACS, NCC