When a family is in need of intensive support and the parents have ALREADY done some personal development work on themselves but have a child that needs support, then bringing together the whole family for an intensive retreat can be an amazing experience.

As part of the retreat process, the use of the Safe Sound Protocol supports organizing the threat reactions within the family ecosystem and can ease this defensive reactivity enough for individuals within the family system to risk sharing their vulnerability. This provides each member a safe place to be seen and heard. This family experience draws strength from its multi-modal integration model.

The creative use of psychodrama, family constellation, group work, individual support, somatic table support for regulation, and movement in the form of dance, tai chi or hiking, all expand the resourcing of the family system. Kate focuses on uncovering the Family Story, allowing the family to witness themselves within this system and then increase awareness of what wants to change.

By the end of the retreat, we look at next steps for unfolding a new story. Additional practitioner support surrounds the retreat process, allowing for the family to feel well supported by more than just Kate. Bodyworker Somatic Healers, Acupuncturist, Martial Artists, Dancers, Attachment Focused Psychotherapy and SE practitioners all come together to bring their gifts of support. This is a rich experiential Retreat.

Cost varies, and pricing is custom to the needs of the client please inquire by identifying the services you are interested in.
Please contact Kate with any questions, or submit out an application if you are interested in a family retreat.