Safe & Sound Protocol Retreat

SSP Delivered as a 5-7 Day Retreat Program: Family or Couple, or Individual

This is a program designed to follow the SEGAN Model developed by Ana Du Valle. This includes art activities (gesture in color, mandala with stones, collage, beeswax modeling etc), work with animals, movement and sensory seeking activities such as work with copper, proprioception tools, vestibular supports and Sandtray. This is highly individualized. A family can come together and work 4-6 hours per day at the center over a 5–7-day period (learn more about Family Intensive Retreats here). The pricing is custom to the needs of the client please inquire by identifying the services you are interested in. There is a Guest Suite that can be rented which comes as a fully functioning apartment with kitchen, bath, bedroom and extra pull-out sofa in the living room. This is an enriching embodied experiential experience. This offers the greatest supports for integrating the Sensory, Defense and Attachment systems.

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